Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Cane Corsos

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Best dog foods for Cane Corsos are explored in this informative article. Cane Corsos are considered to be loyal, obedient and very intelligent. These intimidating large working dogs are known for their guard dog skills. These quiet, confident dogs are fearless and have a strong protective instinct. Cane Corsos thrive on attention and affection from their owners.

These active dogs are extremely muscular and are quite athletic for their size. Due to their large size, Cane Corsos consume large amount of food daily and require a high calorie, high protein diet.

Below are some of the best dog foods available that are most appropriate for this muscular, athletic and relatively active large breed dog.

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#1 Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free (Smoke Flavored Salmon) Dry Dog Food

Best for Adults (Best Value)

Taste of the Wild’s Pacific Stream Grain-Free is a great overall choice for Cane Corsos

This protein rich formula contains real salmon as its #1 ingredient and includes real fruit as well as superfoods

Contains proprietary probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidants for healthy digestion and immune support

This is a grain-free and egg-free recipe

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage Adult
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %22%, 15%, 4%
First Five IngredientsSalmon, Ocean Fish Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Pea Flour
Key Features:Omega Fatty Acids (Skin & Coat), Antioxidants (Immune), Chicory Root (Digestion), Probiotics (Digestion)

#2 Wellness CORE Grain-Free Large Breed Chicken & Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best for Adults (High Protein)

Wellness’ CORE grain-free offers premium ingredients and formulated with chicken, turkey, fruits, vegetables and nutrient-rich superfoods

Larger kibble size for easy eating

Formulated with no meat by-products, fillers, grain, corn, soy, wheat-gluten or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage Adult
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %34%, 12%, 6%
First Five IngredientsDeboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Lentils, Peas
Key Features:Omega Fatty Acids (Skin & Coat), Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Joint Care),Vitamins A & E (Antioxidants), Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart)

#3 Orijen Amazing Grains Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Best for Puppies (High Protein)

Orijen’s high protein formula offers fresh or raw animal protein as its first five ingredients

Protein packed formula (90% premium animal ingredients) for strong muscle development

Supports digestive health with prebiotics and probiotics, soluble and insoluble fiber from inulin, and a premium grain blend

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage Puppy
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber % 38%, 16%, 4%
First Five IngredientsChicken, Whole Herring, Whole Mackerel, Chicken Liver, Salmon
Key Features:Omega Fatty Acids (Skin & Coat), Glucosamine (Joint Care), Vitamin E (Antioxidant), DHA (Brain Development), EPA (Arthritis & Inflammation), Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart)

#4 Royal Canin Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Best for Adults (Bloat)

Royal Canin’s Giant Breed Adult Dog Food is specifically designed for larger breeds and their special needs

Easy to digest, supports bone and joint health and heart health

Large dry kibble for large/giant breeds to help prevent bloat

Food TypeDry Kibble (Large)
Stage Adult
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %26%, 18%, 3.9%
First Five IngredientsChicken By-Product Meal, Brewers Rice, Chicken Fat, Brown Rice, Corn Gluten Meal
Key Features:Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Joint Care), Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart), Vitamin E (Antioxidant), DHA (Brain Development), EPA (Arthritis & Inflammation)

#5 American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best for Adults (High Protein Value)

American Journey’s Salmon & Sweet Potato recipe’s first ingredient is real salmon

Only nutrient-dense ingredients , does not contain grains, wheat, corn, soy, by-product meals, or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

Balance of calcium and phosphorus helps support proper bone development

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage Adult
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %32%, 14%, 4.5%
First Five IngredientsDeboned Salmon, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes
Key Features:Omega Fatty Acids (Skin & Coat), Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Joint Care), Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart), Arachidonic (ARA) / Docosahexaenoic (DHA) (Brain and Vision), Vitamin E (Antioxidant)

#6 Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care Grain-Free Lamb & Potato Adult Dry Dog Food

Best for Adults (Allergies)

Blue Buffalo Basics  is a limited ingredient, grain-free dog food that features a single animal protein source, lamb, along with potatoes, peas and pumpkin to support gentle digestion.

Doesn’t contain any chicken, beef, corn, wheat, soy, dairy or eggs, which makes it a good option for dogs with food sensitivities

All-natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage Adult
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %20%, 14%, 6%
First Five IngredientsDeboned Lamb, Potatoes, Pea Starch, Peas, Lamb Meal 
Key Features:Omega Fatty Acids (Skin & Coat), Glucosamine (Joint Care), Vitamin E (Antioxidant)

#7 Instinct Raw Boost Senior Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken and Freeze Dried Raw Pieces Dry Dog Food

Best for Seniors

Instinct Raw Boost Senior Grain-Free recipe has enhanced nutrition for senior dogs with high-protein kibble + freeze-dried raw

Real chicken as a primary ingredient

No grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal or artificial colors or preservatives.

Made in the USA with the finest ingredients

Food TypeDry Kibble + Raw (Freeze Dried)
Stage Senior
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %36%, 16%, 3.5%
First Five IngredientsChicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Chicken, Tapioca, Chickpeas
Key Features:Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Joint Care), Omega Fatty Acids (Skin & Coat), Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart), DHA (Brain Development), L-Carnitine (Metabolism), Vitamin E (Antioxidant), Bacillus Coagulants (Gut)

#8 Ziwi Peak Venison Grain-Free Air-Dried Dog Food

Best for All Stages

Ziwi Peak Venison Grain-Free single-protein recipe contains whole-prey ratios of 96% meat, organs, bone and New Zealand green mussels

Grain free and nutrient dense, this recipe has a significant percentage of protein (44%) versus raw food or kibble

This formula is high in fat (24%)

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage All Stages
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %44%, 24%, 3%
First Five IngredientsVenison, Venison Tripe, Venison Heart, Venison Lung, Venison Liver
Key Features:Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Joint Care), Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart), Vitamin E (Antioxidant)

#9 Fromm Family Large Breed Puppy Gold Premium Dry Dog Food

Best for Puppies (Well Balanced)

Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold Premium Dry Dog Food is a chicken recipe made for large dog breeds over 50 lbs

Complete and balanced nutrition specifically created for larger breed puppies

Food TypeDry Kibble
Stage Puppy
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber %26%, 14%, 5.5%
First Five IngredientsChicken, chicken meal, chicken broth, oatmeal, pearled barley
Key Features:Taurine (Blood Flow, Brain, Heart), Chicory Root (Digestion), Probiotics (Digestion), DHA (Brain Development)

#10 Wellness CORE Grain-Free Whitefish, Salmon & Herring Canned Dog Food

Best for Adults (Wet Food)

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Whitefish, Salmon & Herring Formula contains premium all natural ingredients

Real chicken as first ingredient. Primary sources of protein include chicken, whitefish, chicken liver and salmon

No wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products or artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

Made in North America

Food TypeWet 
Stage Adult
Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber, Moisture %10%, 6%, 0.5%, 78%
First Five IngredientsChicken, Salmon Broth, Whitefish, Chicken Liver, Salmon
Key Features:Amino Acids (Lean Muscle & Heart Health), Chicory Root (Digestion), Vitamin E (Antioxidant)

Important Note: For wet dog food if you’d like to convert the protein on a “dry matter” basis (to compare it to dry kibble) you’ll need to do a quick calculation. Take the amount of protein in the wet food by the total amount of dry matter in the can. In the case of the Instinct and Wellness wet dog foods above, that amount is (100% – 78% = 22%). As you see, these wet foods are very high protein.

Wellness Core Grain Free Canned Wet Dog Food

Dry Matter Protein Content = (10/22) x 100 = 45.5%

More About the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large, muscular dog breed with a background dating back to the Roman Empire. These powerful dogs were bred to be guardians, hunters, and protectors. Known for their stature, strength, and loyalty, Cane Corsos are intelligent guardians who form strong bonds with their families. Today, the Cane Corso is a popular breed around the world, admired for their strength, loyalty, and affectionate demeanor.

Cane Corsos are descendants of Canis Pugnax, a breed that served as Roman war dogs during the first century. The translation of their name from Latin means “Guard of the Courtyard” in Latin, is the breed known for safeguarding its owner and his belongings. World War I & II decimated the breed in Italy, and the breed remained rare until the 1970s, when a focused effort was made to revive it.

Cane Corsos are fairly active and require about 30 minutes of exercise daily. Although banned in the United Kingdom, Cane Corsos can often have cropped ears and docked tails. This was originally done to prevent predators finding vulnerabilities and ultimately preventing infection.

Cane Corsos are generally categorized as either American (120 – 140 lbs) and European (90 – 110 lbs). The reason for the divergence in size between American and European Cane Corsos is that American Cane Corso were crossbred with Great Danes. Males usually grow to 28 inches tall and females usually grow to 26 inches tall. This breed tends to have a dog lifespan between 10 – 12 years.

Cane Corso Dog Food Feeding Guide

Cane Corsos have relatively high energy levels for larger working dogs.  The breed’s large, muscular build and athleticism requires a significant amount of calories for their large size and relatively high activity level. 

The table below is a decent proxy for the typical dry kibble and caloric needs for the Cane Corso by age.

AgeMin Cups Max CupsCalories
2 – 3 months1 cup2 1/2 cups1,180 – 1,200
4 – 5 months3 cups3 3/4 cups1,300 – 1,500
6 – 9 months3 cups5 1/4 cups1,340 – 1,800
10 – 12 months4 cups6 cups1,500 – 2,000
1 – 6 years6 cups8 cups2,000 – 2,500
7 years +4 1/2 cups7.5 cups1,600 – 2,200

However, always also consider the specific dog’s activity level to prevent weight gain. A very broad estimate for the caloric needs of and average adult Cane Corso is about 2,000 per day.

Top-Quality Proteins

Top-quality protein should be first on your list when selecting a dog food. Dogs in general require a decent amount of protein. While most breeds are good with a diet that includes 22% protein, the minimum recommended by the Association of American Feed Controls  (AAFCO) for an adult Cane Corso is more like 25% – 28% protein, to support this breed’s large size and relatively high activity level. 

It’s not just the amount of protein you need to look for. The type of protein matters, too. Whole premium, identifiable meats such as chicken, salmon, beef are great examples. Multiple sources of protein also provide a range of amino acids. Steer clear of by products with unidentifiable or mystery meats!

Complex Carbs

High-quality, complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, peas, oatmeal are much more preferable versus simple carbs like corn, wheat and soy. While simple carbs can provide a nice energy boost, they can also cause your dog to crash.  

Higher-quality complex carbs have a low glycemic index. They absorb more slowly to provide steady energy through the day.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats like fish oil, flaxseed and olive oil are loaded with omega-fatty acids and antioxidants. The numerous benefits include fighting free radicals, supporting the joints, improving heart health, and much more.

Most adult dogs need a diet with about  12 – 15%  fat, Cane Corsos require a minimum of 5 – 8% fat. Steer clear of low-quality fats as they lead to weight gain with much less nutritional benefits. 

Important Micronutrients

Finally, vitamins and minerals in dog food can provide some great added benefits. Only a small amount is needed and they can help with gut health (probiotics), boosting the immune system (Vitamin A) and antioxidants (Vitamins C & E). It’s also a good idea for Cane Corso owners to look for glucosamine and chondroitin, for joint health, due to a common health issue called hip dysplasia.

For more information on this topic please see our article on nutrition for dogs. 

Ingredients to Avoid

Just as there are many beneficial ingredients to look for, there are also (unfortunately) several to sidestep.  

Here’s are some common ingredients to avoid:

  • animal by-products, mystery meats
    • can contain hormones, chemicals and other bad stuff and often lack nutritional value
  • chemical preservatives, colorants and other needless additives
    • BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin can cause health issues over time such as kidney issues, cancer, blindness and other health problems
  • artificial colors and flavors, top-quality dog food doesn’t have either

Also be aware of common human foods that dogs can not eat.

Common Cane Corso Health Problems

Hip Dysplasia. An inherited condition that can lead eventually lead to lameness and arthritis. It’s very common in larger dog breeds.

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus. Cane Corsos can experience bloating after eating and drinking too fast. However, if the stomach twists, it can cut off the dog’s blood supply and create a medical emergency. This painful and potentially fatal condition is also most common in large breeds of dog like the cane corso.

Ectropion. A common condition in which the eyelids roll inwards, causing the lashes to rub against the dog’s eyeball. This is painful and can damage the eye. This is possible across all dog breeds, but it is more common in very large dog breeds.

Cherry Eye. Dogs have three eyelids. The third eyelid is beneath the eye and where the the nictitating gland is located, which produces tears. Cherry eye is a genetic eye problem in which the nictitating gland collapses, creating a swollen red mass.

Speak to your vet about recommended dietary changes to support optic health for this condition.

Other health issues this breed experiences include cancer, epilepsy and allergies.

To Sum It All Up

Sticking to a top-quality dog food will help you keep your Cane Corso healthy for many years to come.  These great dog food picks will keep your dog happy and help to bypass many of the common breed health issues (at least prematurely). 

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