Nutrition for Dogs, What You Need to Know.

Dogs have specific nutritional needs. Nutrition for dogs provided by all the relevant macronutrients and micronutrients is discussed. We consider the role a dog’s unique digestive system plays as well.  Our team at spent over 35 hours researching nutrition for dogs – internet, social media, and speaking to pet nutritionists and vets. So let’s … Read more

5 Rules of Dog Training + 5 Basic Commands to Start You Off

Dog training can be a fun and rewarding human-dog bonding experience. It can also be overwhelming and frustrating at times. We provide a framework + five basic commands to get you on your way to a well-trained companion.  Our team at spent over 35 hours researching dog training. We did internet research, social media … Read more

13 Common Dog Behaviors Explained. Dog Behavior 411. 

There is some pretty odd dog behavior.  To us, they can be considered harmful, annoying, and possibly dangerous.  As dog lovers, it’s important to try to understand the meaning behind these behaviors.  At times it’s also crucial to modify or prevent these behaviors.   Our team at spent over 40 hours researching dog behavior – … Read more

Service Dog Basics. What Should You Know?

The team has spent over 30 hours researching service dog basics and what you should know. We researched several internet sites, social media platforms and spoke with service dog trainers and service dog owners. What We Cover in This Article… What is a Service Dog?Service Dog TrainingFake Service Dog CrazeService Dog Etiquette Dos and … Read more

How Can Puppy Separation Anxiety Be Conquered?

The team has spent over 25 hours researching puppy separation anxiety.  We read several studies, scoured the internet, investigated social media platforms and spoke with experts (trainers and veterinarians) directly.   What We Cover In This Article… How Common is Puppy Separation Anxiety?Symptoms of Puppy Separation AnxietyCommon Causes of Puppy Separation AnxietyTreatment Alternatives and TechniquesPreventionTo … Read more