Why fitdogster?

fitdogster was created to better inform dog owners about what’s available to keep your four legged friends healthy, happy and safe. Frustrated with the lack of quality information and reviews available in one convenient online location focused on dog wellness we set out to make this well-researched, quality information available on one site for dog lovers across the world. And thus, fitdogster was born.

Being fellow dog owners of many dog breeds over the years we experienced an extraordinary range of information needs from the best dog food to feed your particular breed of dog or for a specific health issue, how to keep your dog healthy, how to train and modify behaviors of your dog down to the best products out there to just have fun with your best friend!

Who is fitdogster?

Kristina Owen

Kristina is a Co-Founder and Chief Editor at fitdogster.com. Her goal is to keep you well informed about all things dog wellness related to help you make the right decisions for your best four-legged friend. At fitdogster we have created a team of experts to help further educate you on the key areas of dog wellness – food & nutrition, health & wellness, behavior & training, lifestyle and recreation. Our objective is that you increase your knowledge base about your lovable friend to make dog ownership that much more fun. Kristina has owned several breeds of dogs over the years and has a strong affinity for dogs. Kristina graduated from the College of William & Mary with a BA in history and an MBA from Boston University with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. Kristina is also a mother of three children – Liam, Heath and Clara.

Liam Owen

Liam is a Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at fitdogster.com. Liam is responsible for site design as well has significant responsibility for relevant topic research and site content. Liam is a senior at the University of South Carolina and is in his last year of pursuing a BA in arts in Media Arts and a BA in fine arts in Graphic Design and illustration.

Fiona Owen

Fiona is a the current chief inspiration officer at fitdogster.com. Fiona is responsible for providing her expert dog opinions and broadly information relating to all things dog.

Daisy “Dukes” Owen

In loving memory of our beloved daisy “dukes” owen. we’ll always miss her loving, kind spirit!

We have organized fitdogster with ease of navigation and having a wealth of information available at your finger tips. With this in mind we’ve organized fitdogster with the following areas of focus in mind:

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer as a dog wellness resource for a long time to come and should you have any suggestions to make the site better, we’d love to hear them!

The fitdogster Team